St. Benedict's Masses

Daily Mass

As of Wednesday, March 18th all Masses, activities and meetings have been suspended at St. Benedict Church until April 4th.

The church will be closed on Wednesday and will remain closed until April 4th.

Parishioners will still be able to reach out to the parish by phone, email and regular mail if they have business to be done or with questions. If you have questions please let me know.

Saturday Mass

Sunday Masses

Important Information

The church building is closed but the work goes on.  We miss our parishioners and are so thankful for your continued support at this time. Leadership is working on a plan to reopen the building and begin celebrating Masses with you on the weekends. Please check back as we are able to share more details about when Mass will resume.

“Office” Hours

Church business is continuing by phone (262-275-2480), email(, or regular mail (137 Dewey Ave. Fontana 53125) only. The phone will be answered Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and Fridays from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.


St. Benedict has a Facebook page (St. Benedict Parish Fontana) and there are daily posts to keep you updated on any new events that may come up as well as enrichment activities, community, and Diocese wide news. It’s a very good source for quick access to what is happening. You may also message St. Benedict via Facebook outside office hours.

Baby Bottles, Rice Bowls, Collection Envelopes

Baby bottles and Rice Bowls from Lent may be held onto and we will collect them at a later date.

Envelopes can be mailed to St. Benedict or you can sign up for online giving on our website.

Celebrating Mass

We know how very important Mass is to our parishioners. Father Sergio celebrates Mass every Sunday at 10:00 am from St. Francis de Sales. Those Masses are live streamed via St. Francis de Sales’ Facebook page and after Mass time they are available on their YouTube Channel, both named St. Francis de Sales Lake Geneva. Father Mark celebrates Mass daily. Rest assured all the Mass intentions are remembered.

Spiritual Communion

It has long been a Catholic understanding that when circumstances prevent one from receiving Holy Communion, it is possible to make an Act of Spiritual Communion, which is a source of grace. Spiritual Communion is an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament and lovingly embrace him at a time or in circumstances when one cannot receive Him in sacramental Communion. The most common reason for making an Act of Spiritual Communion is when a person cannot attend Mass. Acts of Spiritual Communion increase our desire to receive sacramental Communion and help us avoid the sins that would make us unable to receive Holy Communion worthily. Archdiocese of New York

At Communion time, as you are watching Mass, say the following prayer:

Spiritual Communion Prayer

My Jesus, I believe that you are present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

I love you above all things and I desire to receive you into my soul.

Since I cannot at this moment receive you sacramentally,

Come at least spiritually into my heart.

I embrace you as if you were already there

And unite myself wholly to you.

Never permit me to be separated from you.


To Our ParishionersDecember 14, 2018
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