Our Mission Statement

The community of Saint Benedict, in Fontana, Wisconsin, welcomes everyone into God’s family. When we gather as God’s family we are called to celebrate the presence of the Holy Spirit through worship where we are commissioned through the Gospel of Jesus to have love and compassion, to be supportive, and prayerful, and to give service to all by reaching out to our community and beyond.

Our Parish Ideals

There are several factors that play an important role in the life of a Catholic Parish (a Christian community that is a credible witness to Jesus Christ in our world).

A parish needs to exhibit health and vitality in four areas:

  • Worship and the Sacraments
  • Outreach or Human Concerns
  • Formation and Education
  • Administration or Good Stewardship of resources

A parish must explicitly recognize that it is doing God’s work and not serving its own selfish purposes. It is God’s kingdom we are building, not our own.  “Here we have no lasting city.”

A strong parish pulls together for the common good whenever it faces adversity, whether from within or from without.

Our Catholic identity is always rooted in the spiritual life of the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist. When Mass is no longer celebrated, the parish will literally starve to death.

We currently live in a political environment of “separation of church and state.” While we are not persecuted, we are constantly challenged to be credible witnesses of faith in a secular age.  We have a long history and a rich theological tradition. We need to remember to show gratitude to our ancestors who have gone before us in the faith.

What we say and what we do must be grounded in the virtues of faith, hope and love. These are the basics – the “theological” virtues.

We examine our conscience in the light of the mysteries of Holy Week: Whom do we serve? Whom do we crucify? Whom do we set free?

A parish seems to grow today when it witnesses to a well-defined mission, has a prayerful and uplifting Sunday service, shows hospitality to all, and attempts to address the needs of a culturally and economically diverse population.

In everything and toward everyone, may our attitude be that of Christ’s.