Standing Commissions

Standing committees are permanent committees of the parish council established in the parish council constitution. Every parish council has four mandated standing committees which correspond to the mission of the Church to pray, teach and serve:

  • Prayer and Worship
  • Faith Formation
  • Human Concerns
  • Parish Council

Other standing committees may be added by the parish council through the amendment process described in the parish council constitution.

Who should serve on a committee?

People who:

  • will speak up at meetings
  • value the experience of working with others
  • are patient with processes
  • contribute to the power of the group
  • are flexible and adaptable in their thinking
  • foster a sense of spiritual growth
  • are tolerant and respectful of differences
  • develop a sense of community
  • have an interest in the committee’s work
  • are willing to ask others to serve
  • have time for committee meetings and tasks

Committees are the working bodies of the parish council. They study, pray and act to make the parish the real center through which the Church carries out its mission. The committees implement the parish council’s priorities and goals serving the parish community in many important ways, but especially by broadening the representation and participation of parishioners in parish life.

The parish council, its committees, and the pastoral staff have a responsibility to work cooperatively with each other for the good of the parish.